Norton Anti-virus questions - Files that will not delete?

Norton Anti-virus does a scan for virus it detects a few -attempts to delete the infected files but fails with about 5 of them. The ones that fail to delete are not deleting becasue they are in use. When I go to find the file in the windows directory directly they will also not let me delete them becasue windows gives and error message that the file is in use.

I have tried Cotrl+ALT+Del and the infected file running can not be stoped by clicking end task.

So How can I make the infected files not in use. Would it work if I tried to run Anit-Virus software outside of windows? Can this be done?
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  1. Hijack This! has an option to allow you to delete files on reboot. This should delete the files before they are loaded by Windows.
  2. or boot into safe mode or recovery console to delete them
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