Using both gigabit ports on the asus a8n-sli deluxe


Main computer using nforce 590 sli, have both wired gigabit ports connected to give me a 2gb link to my switch for my home network.

Older computer which i use for video editng (faster HDD's) uses nForce 4 SLI - Asus A8N-SLI with the integraed gigabit and a Marvell gigabit as weel.

Two questions:
1. Can i bridge the two gigabit connections on the nforce 4 board? I haven't tried too previously. Would this also give me a 2Gb pipe to the switch? (Mybasement is wired so that all i have to do is enable andplug in the cale and then configure it if it is possible to configure it - maybe i'll try later my son is playing lego star wars on it right now!)

2. IF it is possible to bridge this one, would the switch limit mythroughput or would it act as just a connection - 2 lines in, 2 lines out, as long as it passes through it is fine thecomputers on each end piece it back together?

thanks in advance oh great gurus!
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  1. nVIDIA should supply some teaming / aggregation software which provides this functionality. However, it will not magically increase your bandwidth to 2 Gb/s -- you'll only get a benefit when 2 different NICs request data from your dual NIC computer at the same time. I.e. when it's used as a server serving multiple concurrent clients.

    Here's some background material:
  2. I have a motherboard with a similar configuration although annoying one of them is a Gigabit LAN port from Marvell and the other is a LAN port from nVidia's nforce.

    I haven't been given any aggregation software with the motherboard - just drivers. If these ports (be it the same brand or not) were each connected to two different LAN ports on a router/switch, will they count as two different NICs or will it not work.
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