Thermalright Mosfet heatsink HR-09 is out!!

Thermalright Mosfet heatsink HR-09 S/U are available at for $20.95/each

installation for HR-09

HR-09 at Thermalright

have anyone purchase any items from How's their shipping and customer service?

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  1. Personally ive never bought from them before but a friend of mine did and theye sent his order 3 business days later. Also another friend of mine had a similar experience.

    I prefer to pay 24.99 @ my favorite QUIET cooling Shop Acoustic PC

    The Mosfet Cooler i admit did strike my attention it looks massive however the thermal tape used to atatch it looks pretty thick im not to sure how good it would work this way compared to the stock heatpipes mounted right on the mosfets.

    Im sure if its thermalright the product must be good but the only way i coul really see getting some real results would be to permanently affix it with arctic silver adhesive.

    Most pepole would shy away from using this permanent epoxy compound one because its permanent two because its conductive but if you know what your doing this will give you the best performance all my mobos have heatsinks all over the place using this epoxy thermal compound and my temps are supper low and the stability and overclocking potential increasese

    good luck let me know how good the mosfet cooler works.

    also if your planing on using a big heatsink make sure you get the s version of the mosfet cooler
  2. I hope they're good, I need something to replace the crappy MOSFET cooler on my P5B, who heatpipes are just hollow copper pipes.
  3. I tried them on my Striker Extreme, but short side doesn't cover all the MOSFETs and long side wont allow the pushpins to go into the board mounting holes. I suppose using thermal adhesive like windex suggested would work on the long side.
  4. Tacos,

    Yeah, I sent their tech support a rather lengthy (240K) email Friday night. No reply as of 7 P.M. Monday.

    When I was looking to buy their MOSFET coolers, their sales department was taking less that half a day to reply to my questions.

    I guess tech support is busier than sales?

    Anyway, I will post more if and when I hear from TR.
  5. Is there really a need to keep the MOSFET's super cool? I have the stock ASUS setup and im sure that the Thermalright is way better. But when is it considered overkill? I'd have to get a northbridge cooler if I got these because the heatpipe on the stock setup connects the two. And im not cutting the dang thing.
  6. It helps for stable overclocking to keep them cool. I am looking into them because without a CPU cooler (water block) there is little airflow in most cases, over that area of the mobo. Mine is fine because I designed it to have negative pressure and the only place for air to come in is over the mosfets in the back.
  7. So in a normal air cooled system OCed to 400fsb would this REALLY be needed if I use stock cooling on the MOSFET and Northbridge? I can see where it might be good to help cooler and be stable at CRAZY speeds, but wasn't sure how critical it is at a good OC speed.
  8. ive bought from those guys. good i guess, i only bought a cpu heatsink from them.
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