non C drive for windows XP ok ?

'm going to be multi-booting, is it necesary to have windows in the 1st primary partition ?

I read at "Radified" that installing windows to a drive other than C/ is an extra layer of security, any opinions ?
Is there any special action I need to take for things to run smoothly ?

Can I do all the partitioning for Linux during the win XP istall partition session ?
Guess I could just make all the partitions windows type, use alpha names, then reformatand name after windows install. Any advice ?
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  1. I actually didnt know that was possible, I thought windows automatically assumed the boot partition is the C: partition. Do you have a link to show how to install windows to another drive letter?

    However I dont see how its more secure as all it takes is one person with a linux boot disk to be physcally at your pc to get in. The only feasable explination for why this may be more secure is an automated script which is badly programmed will not be able to install itself into your system files however any mal-ware developer should know that %systemroot% will automatically install to the system root via location found in the registry.
  2. Your BIOS will always look for a MBR (Master Boot Record) on the first sector of the first hard disk but you can install your o/s to any partition you like.

    Have a look at this ..... click me !
  3. Yeah u have to install the bootloader on the MBR however windows will always say the partition with the system root is the C: drive.
  4. dual booting with linux will only go smoothly if you first install windows (which will take C) and then install your linux distro with the bootloader, kind of a rule of thumb thing, always install windows first
  5. My system is on D: and my data disk is C: and I have no problems with it being that way
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