How do I limit users from installing programs on my pc?

My sister will use my pc from time to time to play games. I find that when she is using my Pc she will aslo start installing junk, or what she would call games, that are usally bundled with spyware, Zango etc. I have set her account to limited numorous times but somehow she switches it back. THIS DOENST WORK. So I sternly tell her to cut it out, but as younger siblings go, she wont listen. So Isnt there a way to limit what a user can and cannot do. For isntance Id love to limit her from installing any programs. And I could think of other things too, but Ill start with this. Ive searched the net and found alot of articles depicting ways to limit account logon times but thats not a problem. Thank you for the help/

Oh forgot, Is there a way to permanently prevent someone from using a password? She fools around with myspace and I try to keep tabs on it. Thanks
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  1. If you set up her account as a Restricted User, she shouldn't be able to install programs, change her log-on password, etc. Make sure you have your account and the Administor account password protected. This will llimit some of the programs she can run, which will likely lead to whining and crying. The best solution is to get her her own machine. Depending on your $$ you could probably find an older machine, e.g., P3 or P4, and up grade the memory and hard drive if necessary. The upgrades would be less than $100.
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