HELP NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello N Hi everyone i am new to tomshardware...................i have been googling since 1 month and i haven't got and good related search for my laptop/notebook although toms hardware helped me alot! anyways i am not a newbie in the IT world i know IT very well since i have been working on my computer problems when i was 8year old now i am 14 lol so dont think that i am newbie :non: here yeah. so lets get to the point

I have a ACER FERRARI 5005wlmi series notebook very expensive due to the limited edition of Ferrari well i bought it all messed up! the guy who gave me that notebook sold me in 160$ :D......... the laptop was dead at that time no screen no lights no led's of HDD and Power nothing at all hooking up the charger as well didn't do anything nothing at all so i unscrewed it checked all connections from motherboard,processor,gpu,lcd,keyboard everything all were correct then disassembled everything checked all board mappings are correct any of em are not scratched or erased all were correct although dust had blocked everything.

So this was all beyond my brain as i am a kid i turned on google and started googling for constant 7 to 8 hours i compiled many tips repairing tips.

First I check the power cord connection all was messed up replacing the power cord is easy for me so i bought another power cord from another acer notebook unsolded old one solded new one and hooked up the power adapter and voila! the charge led is now operating!
i left the charge ON for 2 hours so i have a good backup of battery now when i pushed the power button again voila the Power Button Lit up! and with the sounds of fan running under the notebook and a vibrating feel of normal laptop when a laptop turns on so i thought that this laptop is now gonna run but nothing at all............the laptop opens up authentically but no display on lcd even no beeps and nothing i tried disassembling hdd,ram and hooking them all again in their appropriate place nothing shows up...i have worked more than i thought in this notebook but i cant see any progress so when i saw you all IT guys posting some serious IT solution then i thought you guys could help me :??: help needed! sorry for the bad english.

Notebook Specs:
PROCESSOR:AMD Turion 64 x2 dual core

if u guys need any more info about specs feel extremely free to ask!
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  1. Shouldn't buy a laptop that is not working for $160.

    Even if the laptop is working, $160 is not worth it IMO. Hardware is obsolete.

    Sounds like the screen is busted. Hook it up with external monitor to test it.
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