Problem reinstalling windows after wiping HDD

So starting last week, my computer started getting a blue screen. So yesterday it was so bad to the point where it wouldn't load windows at all. So I ran Ultimate Boot CD and it diagnosed the HDD was messed up. So I wiped it clean using Dban and now I'm trying to reinstall Windows 7 Professional but whenever I put the disc in and restart the rig I get a "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER" Any ideas?

Oh and if it helps, the rig is only like 6 months old. I did some reading and the only lead I have is to format the HDD and try again. I am also just realizing that I'm a dumbass and should have done system recovery, but too late now.
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  1. 'Disk Boot Failure'... sounds as if the BIOS doesn’t recognize the format… You may need to reformat the HD with the Windows format option or Disk Manager in another computer or from the Ultimate Boot CD... I've heard before of problems when formatting with third party applications... and your's sounds like that may be the cause.
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