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I'm just going to install an OS on a new laptop based around the Core 2 Duo.

Would you install the 32bit or 64bit version of XP?

Any opionions or advantages/disadvantages would be greatfully received :D

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  1. I wouldn't bother with x64 right now. The only place it makes a real difference is if you need more than 4GB of memory, which you won't need on a laptop.

    While x64 is stable, there are some incompatibility and driver support issues - some hardware manufacturers aren't even releasing drivers for it since it's not a mainstream OS.

    Save yourself some headaches and just get 32-bit XP for now, and wait until Vista for 64-bit.

    As far as 32-bit XP goes:
    You should use Pro, not Home Edition on your laptop as it has better power management features.
  2. Nice one :D Kinnda what I was thinking! The less headaches the better ;)

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