second hard drive failed booting problem on primary now

hey guys i am stumped.......

ok here goes, I had a two seperate versions of windows installed on two seperate hard drives, when i turn the computer on it asks me which one i want to boot from. well the second hard drive is now dying and somtimes it tells me DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT BOOT DISK AND PRESS ENTER. now this only happends when the second hard drive doesnt work. I have tried to just unplug the second drive to see if it would boot off of the original copy on the first drive but i get the same thing. can someone help with this???


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  1. Did you go into BIOS and change your boot drive?

    If you disconnected the other one, it should figure it out, but BIOSes are stupid sometimes. Probably still trying to boot off CD-ROM.
  2. Do a repair install of Windows to reload the boot-loader onto the primary hard drive.
  3. Sounds like a dieing power supply to me.
  4. or there might be something up with your boot.ini since you were dual booting
  5. i think fat tony is on to somthing here...................and wow, are you serious about the power supply theory????
  6. I'm serious about the powersupply because I've had those probs from my failing powersupply. It could also be a cable not secure 100%. If you want to check the power supply prob them unplug as much from your computer was possible to unburden your power supply. (extra hdd, dvd/cd, vid card (if u have onboard to use instead), usb stuff..).

    For some reason lately I've been super suspicious of power supplies. I seem to blame them for everything, its just a phase :D

    If this is happening to both hdds then it could be anything from your cables, to powersupply, to motherboard (could even be a piece of hardware trying to use irq 14 or 15 (if IDE)), to cross talk (components interferring, check cables). If it only happens to the one hdd then it could be the hdd is failing, download something like HDD health ( and check the status of it. (smart needs to be enabled in your BIOS, usually is by default now, if HDD health works then its enabled).
  7. I dont think the PSU would cause problems booting windows, more likely it would work or it wouldnt work at all. boot.ini or just something corrupted would make much more sense.

    Why not do a repair on one of the drives which you have the OS on and see if you can get that to work, if so then repair the other one too once you have had a chance to save any necessary files from the drive.

    using different OS on 2 drives I can understand but having the same OS to boot to on 2 separate drives on one pc seems a little strange what was the purpose of that? I am not saying it is a silly idea just interested to know the reasoning behind it.

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