New Build Won't Start - Weird Post Code Beeps

First off, a friend of mine from California bought what he thought was a pre-built PC for his sister here in New York, but it came in parts. So I was drafted to put it all together.

I just turned it on for the first time and the Intel splash screen comes up immediately, but a few seconds into boot, I get a 4 beep post code. Sounds like a police siren...

beeeep, beep, beeeep, beep

Then 2 seconds later it powers itself down. I can't seem to find out which BIOS this is using and all the post code lists I can find don't seem to have that beep pattern

-The motherboard is and Intel d945gccr
-The CPU is a Pentium D 940 3.2 GHz
-512MB of Ultra DDR2 PC2-4200 533MHz RAM
-Ultra XWind Heatsink/Fan

Everything's connected fine from what I can see. Any ideas?
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  1. No Beeps Short - No power, Bad CPU/MB, Loose Peripherals
    One Beep - Everything is normal and Computer POSTed fine
    Two Beeps - POST/CMOS Error
    One Long Beep, One Short Beep - Motherboard Problem
    One Long Beep, Two Short Beeps - Video Problem
    One Long Beep, Three Short Beeps - Video Problem
    Three Long Beeps - Keyboard Error
    Repeated Long Beeps - Memory Error
    Continuous Hi-Lo Beeps - CPU Overheating

    1 long, 1 short, then repeated = mobo.
  2. make sure you have your cpu fan pluged into the cpu fan pins...
  3. Quote:
    Continuous Hi-Lo Beeps - CPU Overheating

    Sure it's not this?

    For the OP: check the mounting of the CPU cooler (a frequent problem) - this might be helpful:
  4. sounds like a problem i had a while ago, turns out i forgot to plug the CPU fan in. however, mine would just keep on going... good to know that my old air cooler would run fine in all office tasks with no fan......
  5. if you can get into the bios set up menu check the cpu temp.
    the HSF might not be seated properly .
    I would check there first
  6. Could very well be......didn't look at it that way. I had assumed the beeping stopped, but maybe not.

    Ya, check the HSF for sure. Much better course of action before you investigate the mobo as defective.

    Check the HSF mounting (or re-mount it) and then check all your cable connections to the mobo.
  7. First off, the amount of help I got on this so quickly is amazing. I am extremely appreciative to all of you guys. Thank You!

    Secondly, as of right now the computer is lying in wait for a new heatsink. After seeing the posts I turned it back on, and noticed something. It took a good 5 seconds after the beeps to power itself off. I actually saw some text appear on the screen, but it shut down before I could start to read it.

    Then I turned it on again immediately and it powered down immediately after the beeps. Same on the 3rd start.

    So I'm guessing it's a heat issue. The heatsink is a tight fit, so I'm assuming it's just not seated properly (the fan cablle was attached btw). Guess it's just to big for this mobo/case combination. Going to get a smaller one next week and give it another go.
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