Computer shut down when i start to burn

ok basics first,
5200+x2 , 2gb st ram, 8800gts 640mb, 700watt thermatake PS, 250gb hd, lite-on 20x dvd burner, sony 20x dvd burner,

When i go to burn a cd or dvd computer shuts off after about 5 seconds . No blue screen nothing just shuts off. Have replaced dvd rw , put in three Power Supplies, changed cables, changed video card to 7600gt (in case of to much power). changed ram. I am computer tech and have never seen this PLEASE HELP !!!!! Also put new hard drive with vista in does same thing. Can run oblivion for hours without issue.
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  1. I too, am experiencing a similar issue.
    Drop in the disk to burn - then what appears to be a power off restart. CD-R or DVD-R doesn't matter. Software used to burn doesn't matter -- Nero6, Record Now, or multimedia program such as ProShow.
    No clue.
    Started happening about 1 month ago. No new programs installed or removed. All virus and spyware checks are clean.
    Burner = Sony DRU-800A
  2. looks like you both have a sony dvd burner. Is the OP having problems with the Sony burner AND the lite-on burner?
    Are the problems with the same applications or different ones? I doubt an app is doing this - more like hardware is the cause.
    Check out the case and make sure it isn't filled with dust bunnies. Check your temps too on your CPU and inside your case if you can. Are you guys overclocking? Are you pushing your towers too much with overclocking?
    If overclocking is involved, try going back to defaults and see what happens
  3. During DVD large burns Computer shuts down, goes black, requires restart using LG18X. Does this with different makes of disc.
    Reads 16X but not multi-session DVD's done at 16X, write disc again with 16X and 18X then reads it.

    Was using nero 6 with XP, now with nero 7 with Vista during burn. Was thinking of just buring with system instead of Nero.

    Have obtained another LG18X burner still does it.
    Have changed power supply.
    Changed 18X back to 16X from other computer and no problem writting reading disc. Problem only with 18X
    18X does shut down computer under XP and now under Vista Home Premiun
    Son said 18X worked in his computer.
    Have updated Bios

    LG18X model GSA - H42N February 2007 Super Multi DVD rewriter

    MSI K9N Platinum mother board
    AMD 64X2 dual core 4200+
    ATI Radeon X1650 Pro ICEQ 256M graphics card
    Corsair 1GB DDR2-667 DC kit memory

    System model MS-7250
    Bios American Megatrends V1.60 16/03/07
    SMBIOS Version 2.5

    Total Physical memory 1,022.81
    Available Physical memory 377.55 Mb
    Total Virtual Memory 2.25 Gb
    Available Virtual memory 1.27 GB
    Page File Space 1.29GB

    Still new to using Vista, but I am sure where to look for the information may be of assistance

    Processor test with Vista what ever
    Processor 4.9
    Mem 4.5
    Graphics 4.4
    Game 4.9
    Primary HD 5.6

    regards Walter
  4. your page file is a lil small. And if it does it in multiple PCs, try updating the firmware
  5. Quote:
    ok basics first,
    5200+x2 , 2gb st ram, 8800gts 640mb, 700watt thermatake PS, 250gb hd, lite-on 20x dvd burner, sony 20x dvd burner,

    When i go to burn a cd or dvd computer shuts off after about 5 seconds . No blue screen nothing just shuts off. Have replaced dvd rw , put in three Power Supplies, changed cables, changed video card to 7600gt (in case of to much power). changed ram. I am computer tech and have never seen this PLEASE HELP !!!!! Also put new hard drive with vista in does same thing. Can run oblivion for hours without issue.

    it looks like a compatibility issue in here, try instaling another OS version, try updating the drivers or even a bios update...

    same easy way is to use a different burner, from a friend, and see what happens,
    also it won`t hurt running same tests for the memory .... just in case, run memtest for the night,

    came back with the results
  6. It is either a software issue or a PSU issue.
    The OP did not list his full build specs.
  7. Had added firmware on first burner. Will be increasing memory, as I do think it could be transer of memory. Will look at page size.
  8. Condor,
    List your Power supply.
    It's gotta be something on your system (hardware related) if it works in another machine.
  9. Thanks for your help Tom, much appreciated.

    Now using.

    Codegen 400W
    input 115/230VAC 8A/4A 60/50Hz
    output 115/230VAC 60/50Hz

    DC output
    +3.3V +5V +12V -5V -12V +5VSB
    25A 35A 16A 0.5A 0.8A 2A
    210V Max 9.6Vmax

    Previous was Thermal Master 350W
  10. I'm not familiar with Codegen PSU's.
    How many hard drives are you running?
    Also, it looks like you have a decent video card that might be power hungry.
    If you have any extra hard drives or cd/dvd drives in your setup, disconnect them all and try burning again. Basically, we only want things plugged in that are necessary to run and test.
    400W might be enough but you might be scraping by with the bare minimum.
  11. Hey guys,

    I am having the same problem with shutdowns. My specs are pretty much identical to the first poster.

    AMD 5200 X2
    Geforce 8800 GTS 640MB
    2Gb Corsair ValueSelect RAM
    couple of SATA drives
    500W PSU
    Pioneer DVD/CD burner

    Now the key element I think is the MSI K9N Platinum Motherboard. Is this the motherboard that you guys have? Because if it is then thats pretty much our problem right there. I have done research for the last 3 weeks about the MSI motherboards and boy do they have problems.

    I know that 500W is just on the limit so I will upgrade that eventually, but I have tried stripping down the system and also running various things off a second power supply and I still get the same problem. By the way, the K9N motherboard has some incompatibilities with Lite-On burners and I think it also has an incompatibility with the geforce 7600GS or GT, you would have to confirm this.

    From all my research I think the MSI motherboard is the problem. What motherboards do you have?
  12. Templar 112, i have that exact same motherboard and am experiencing the same thing as the OP. It seems that is the problem, as i have also read much about this motherboard having issues, such as the north bridge overheating. I would like to find out if the other guys have the same motherboard. I have a Lite-On CD burner, I dont think its the cd burner, I also have other issues such as my monitor not getting signal when turning on.

    I believe this is all due to a bad motherboard.

    corsair 620w PSU
    MSI 8800gts 640mb
    2gig All Componant 667 ddr2 ram
    80gig Maxtor
    AMD X2 dual core 4200+

    Look what i found MSI k9n owners.

    "There are dozens of situations where random shutdown occurs, but the most notable ones are shutting down when transferring a large file (DVD image or so) over the network if the motherboard has a dual LAN solution, shutdown during burning a DVD or CD and reported incompatibility with 7300GS video card."

    There ya go, in black and white.

    I just called MSI and filled out a RMA form, turns out that motherboard is still under warranty and they will fix it by installing a new capacitor that is causing these issues.
  13. Sent the cpu back swapped every piece except MB this is the only difference why the 3800x2 works i dont know but every other piece has been changed it has to be the k9n platnium.....
  14. :!: PSU :!: Too much power draw and hence the restarts. Check the wiring and make shure there is enough amperes feeding the burner.
  15. I'd be more inclined to return the MB then to say it's the PSU. Especially when one poster has said everything else has been swapped out.
  16. And thats why I said to check the wiring. I have seen many a PC where 'leet' builders daisy-chained the devices on a single rail :roll: (these weren't the uber 1kw single rail PSUs). Shutdowns like this are in 99% power related - 1% being the butterflies on the other hemisphere.

    edit - made some further research on the mobo and this seems to be culprit. 1:0 for the butterflies.
  17. OK have spoke with MSI they say send it back. It is the MB. There is no way its the PS due toi having 4 12v rails and have removed everything in the system. Even put a pci 4mb video card in. Will let you know when the board returns
  18. I just got my MB back from MSI, and it works correctly.
  19. good job problem solved
  20. one may buy a lattest burner, but one neds to find what type you are using a flash or ide. It has top be compatiable with system.
  21. Just a thankyou to all for your assistance
  22. I just ran into the same problem when upgrading my cpu from a AMD Sempron 3600 to a AMD X2 6000+.
    After eliminating the powersupply and the burner itself from the list of possible causes, I solved the problem by changing the Bios settings for my dvd-writer from UDMA-4 to UDMA-2. (my motherboard MSI 601-7250-020)
  23. I have a problem with my computer. I try to burn a video with nero 7 and half way through the process it restarts on me. I have an unknown computer with windows xp and 512 ram my cd/dvd burner is double layer Memorex I didn't have that problem earlier today I recorded some videos then about an hour later it started doing it can anyone help me. I'm new to this so would greatly apriciate it.
  24. my friend have teh same issue . the solution is just updae the bios of writer and ur problem will be sort out
  25. I have been having the same problem from the moment I built this machine.

    Mobo - GA-M61PME-S2P BIOS Version F2
    Processor - AMD5200
    HDD - Seagate 1TB SATA
    DVD-RW - Pioneer DVR-115D IDE Firmware Version 1.13
    PSU - 500W
    RAM - 2 x 2GB 667

    I had my new system fully loaded and everything installed, and the first time I went to burn something to dvd it shutdown.

    I tried using only one stick of RAM and then the other in case I had a memory mismatch as they were purchased separately. Still shutdown at moment of burn.

    I tried every single burning program I have and the same results.

    I wiped the system and loaded bare bones xp and the bare necessities to perform a burn and same results.

    After much investigation I decided it must be the PSU, so I purchased a 850W PSU, same problem.

    I tried a different DVD Drive (Brand New Sony AD-7200A) same thing.

    I tried a new IDE Cable (even though the one used was new) I managed to get a single burn running without shutdown.

    I put my Pioneer back in and again it shutdown every single time.

    I was therefore at the point where I couldn't fault the hardware as everything was brand new and changing drives made no difference.

    I found and installed a BIOS Update for the Motherboard from version F2 to F3a, and still it shutdown.

    I then found and went to install a firmware update for the Pioneer drive from 1.13 to 1.18 and the machine shutdown the moment it started, now I cannot get the machine to boot again.

    If anyone knows what is going on here, please tell me as I don't know how to get my computer to boot up again. Surely the failed burner firmware couldn't corrupt the computers own bios could it?

    Desperately seeking solution.
  26. hey had this same problem and i am happy to see i finally fixed it. all i did was uninstalled drivers for the gfx card (chipset in this laptop i was having the problem with) and reinstalled the chipset drivers for this laptops onboard gfx card. and have not had this problem again
  27. I also am having this issue with a gateway i got at Best buy HOWEVER it was buirning disks Just fine Until i installed a game that had Securom on it
    now my system is closing when I go to burn

    Is it possible this is a securom issue??
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