How can I delete write-protected files??

How can I delete write-protected files? I'm trying to delete this file, but every time I try to delete it it says " Acess denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and the file is not in use."

I know I'm not using the file, and the HDD that its in still has 15 gigs of storage left. So how can I delete the file?
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  1. 16 views no posts?? Is this the wrong place for my question?
  2. Nobody has any advice?
  3. Google "Move On Boot"
  4. Try booting into Safemode and then moving the file.
    What is the name of the file ?

    otherwise: Download move on boot utility here
  5. thanks! I was able to delete the file, I just hope the trojan isnt some other corner of my system as well...

    EDIT: Shit! I deleted the file, but forgot the name. I had restored it via recycle bin to learn what it name was. Now when I try to delete it, "access" denied again.

    I'm using the gipo exe now, I'm gonna reboot after this post...

    file deleted, I THINK. Last time it was 20kb, now the folder is 8 kb... suspicous... Still, the .exe that would be running is gone, so maybe I hit it.

    YAAAAY! Virus deleted!
  6. Cool !

  7. you can boot into the recover console for future references as well
    safe mode will work too
  8. the trojan has been deleted, no "think" about it.

    thanks for the help...
  9. The normal treatment for this is right click on the item, click properties, and deselect the Read Only box. This is not working on my particular file, but it might work for yours.
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