Xfx Nvidia 8800 GTS 320MB Problems

Im running an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ on an Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe with 2x1 Gb Kingston ram with a 500 GB Western Digital HD and of course the Xfx Nvidia 8800 Gts 320Mb.

I have it hooked up through the s/video to a Monitor/Lcd tv and the screen is extremely blurry. I have installed all of the drivers that came with it. I have also gone to the website and installed those drivers and nothing changed. I have tried the automatic wizard that came with it and it made the color worse and did nothing else. I'm somewhat experienced with computers but not nearly as much with graphics cards. I tried in both 800x600 and 1024x768 and they both have the same result except because 800x600 is larger so its readable. Any help would be awesome thanks..
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  1. First thing I would do is try to find out what the default resolution of your monitor/TV is and try it at that.

    Is the s/video connection the only one you can use?
  2. S video is a terrible cable to todays standards. If S-video is your only option I would highly suggest that you upgrade your monitor because using S-video will not serve the 8800 justice and essentially waste your money.

    At the very least your going to want to use VGA.
  3. hey thanks for answering i hooked up an old CRT monitor and it was clear like it should be. i thought S video was at least decent now from what ive heard from a few people its not. i just didnt know much about it. im just lazy but i need to get the HD or a VGA cable for my HD lcd tv/monitor. Does HD make much of a difference over VGA though for gaming?
  4. At higher resolution DVI/HDMI is really the only option. On an HDTV using VGA I believe the highest resolution is going to be 1366x768. VGA is going to be a cable that is comparable to component. Some people argue that its better and some people argue that its worse. Also VGA is going to be an analog cable VS DVI/HDMI being digital and you also get less compression.

    So I say... Might as well use DVI/HDMI.
  5. I usually know at least a little about electronics stuff across the board but i have no clue about HDTV which is a little wierd for me. I know what the different cords look like. like HDMI connection almost looks like a power cord for a SATA drive, am i right? Then HD component is the three video cables (Y, PB, PR). I say this because my tv does not have HDMI, if i know what im talking about, it only has component. Seeing how magnavox doesnt have this tv on their website anymore here is a link that looked like it had the most information on it.


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