How do i upgrade from windows 7 evalution copy original copy

I have installed windows 7 evaluation copy build 7201 and i want to find out if i will be able to upgrade it to the original copy and how? Any suggestions? Thank you!
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  1. My understanding is that you must format and reinstall.
    Upgrading from a pre-RTM build to current is not possible.
  2. Which version of Win 7 did you buy, Upgrade version or the full version.

    If you purchased the upgrade version, you must (1) have a qualifing operating system (ie XP or vista - Win 7 evaluation copy does not qualify for up grade. (2) for xp and/or win 7 eval you must do a "clean" install.

    With full version, just do a clean install (best method) and reload programs. Don't forget to backup your personal files and data.
  3. Use the Windows 7 Easy Transfer Wizard to save your files and settings to another drive or partition, then restore them after reinstalation.
    As RetiredChief stated, a clean install is required.
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