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I don't know how to words my question but here it is.

I have a Belkin wireless router that is connected to the internet ( model : F5D7230-4 with original firmware ) and I have a Linksys wireless router ( model : WRT54G V5 with original firmware ) that I would like to use as an Access point.

The Belkin router is IP is while the Linksys is IP

Is it possible use the Linksys as an access point for the Belkin router?

:?: I appreciate the response
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  1. Change the IP address of the Linksys to and disable DHCP. Connect a CAT5 cable from a LAN port on the Belkin to a LAN port on the Linksys.

  2. Just wondering. I know that some Wireless Configuration Utilities go by the Mac address of the router and not the SSID.

    Do you guys think it would be more beneficial to clone the MAC address of the access point router, with the original router? So those wifi utilities can connect semlessly?
  3. Grumpy9117
    I see your reply help to several posts, and seem to know how to solve many issues.
    I would like to know if you can assist and elaborate how to set up 1 wireless router connected to a cable modem, and 2nd wireless router connected wirelessly in a different level of a house and be able to use it.

    Here is my setup:

    I have a Dlink Dir-825 connected to a cable modem in the 2nd floor of a house.
    main level receives internet connection wirelessly via SSID.

    XBox & PS3 in basement connects wirelessly via SSID.
    the XBox and PS3 have random signal or connection drop, and lag

    I would like the 2nd floor remain the same, and use my 2nd wireless router Dlink Dir-655 wirelessly connected to the Dlink Dir-825 and place Dir-655 on the main level.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.
    I have dug around different post, and most give single line help.

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