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What do you think is the best converter, price is no matter. Ive tried many video converters the past few days and I havent found anything that I liked. The audio was not in sync after conversion and the video quality was noticeably reduced even on the highest quality settings. I mainly convert AVI to MPEG so they would be compatible with my DVD creation software (Sony DVD Architect).

Thanks for the help
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  1. Hi

    Regardless, visit the following site for all matters video -

    Real reviews by real enthusiasts.

    I use 'TMPGEnc DVD Source Creator' and then 'TMPGEnc DVD Author'.
    Takes long but results are good and you have the most control over the whole DVD creation proccess.

    Another good product is WinAvi.
    Much faster and results are still good.
    However, it will create and burn DVD's but with no option to create menus.

    TMPGEnc - encoding time - 1.5 to 2 times the length of the film
    Winavi - encoding time - 45min to 1h.
    Both results are good to very good.

    Hope this helps...

    Oh... nearly forgot - Sonic Video Creator.
    But this one is very much like TMPGEnc.
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