Pendrive does not work

when i copy data to my pendrive or format the pendrive it shows destination folder acces denied,what i do to repair my pendrive.please replay me to solve the ploblem.
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  1. I dont know, in honesty there is good chance you might of formatted the drive info on it.

    You'd have to go into your OS to create a new drive and to do is probably had to find more then anything. So you are better to purchase a program to say, so the use of access on the idea of rather or not try to restore it.

    Otherwise you gotta basically work with the fact of use is denied for the access of median of choice to say, more then likely, or its just completely gone.

    Some pendrives i think is kinda just made out of no where, to say, so some might be easy to complete "delete" to say without having to creat another anyways from the same drive to say.

    But think its a hassle more then what it is really worth, cause you'd like need 10 drives to probably get much out of it for the interest. But might wait around and see if anyone has anything to add or take away from to say.

    Or its full, and you are stuck downloading to say.
  2. No write protect tab on pendrive enabled?

    Google HP USB Pendrive Tool and use that to format.
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