USB devices not installing in XP Pro, NEED HELP

I am a problem with my first new build where I can't get any usb devices to install correctly in XP Pro. I have a Iomega 250 Zip Drive, a 250meg external hard drive, and a internal card reader that will not install. The internal card reader was working just fine until I accidently un-installed it today while trying to figure the problem.

Windows finds the devices ok and starts to install them but then pops up an error message that saids the following:
An error occurred during the installation of the device. File name, Directory Name, or Volume label syntax is incorrect.

I also have a HP P1100 usb printer and a Samsung usb Color Laser that is still working ok along with my Dymo label printer and a external DVD burner. All of these items were installed when I first got the system up and running. I'm wondering if some program I installed might be causing the problem.

For what its worth I set up my old HP computer that has XP Home on it and all of the external devices worked just fine with no install problem.

Has anyone had this problem and if so have a fix.

Thanks in advance,


MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum
XP Pro
AMD 4800+
(1) 500 GB WD HD
(4) Seagate 320 GB SATA2 HD in Raid
Audigy 2Z Platinum
Corsair 1GB x 2
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  1. does it matter which port u plug them into? front, back, hub?
    what does devmgmt.msc show, any devices with conflicts?
    use diskmgmt.msc to see if the media require any special attention
    make sure the logical disk manager service in services.msc in a "started" state, same with "shell hardware detection"
  2. 1) Doesn't matter if I plug the zip drive or the external drive directly into the usb ports on the computer or into a hub. I get the same results.

    2) There are no conflicts showing in device manager.

    3) Logical disk manager is running along with shell hardware detection.

    I have Microsoft trying to find a solution also but so far no luck. They had me locate the Lowerfilters in the registry and delete it but it didn't help :(

    Thanks, Ken

    MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum
    Nvidia GeForce 7600GT OC
    XP Pro
    AMD 4800+
    (1) 500 GB SATA2 WD HD
    (4) Seagate 320 GB SATA2 HD in Raid
    Audigy 2Z Platinum
    Corsair 1GB x 2
  3. what's your SRX #
  4. SRX# ???? :?:
  5. you have microsoft "looking into it"
    did they give you a case id or are they just dickin' u around? or did u not even call their support
  6. Yes, I have a case number and I have been in touch with a support person called Jenny Jiang. She also had me un-install all of the USB controllers and re-install them. I had already done this after searching through Microsoft's knowledge base.
  7. yes what's the case #?
    pm it to me
  8. What service pack are you running? You should be running at least SP1 if you have any USB 2.0 ports... you may also have to install drivers.
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