Weird issue, 1 hard drive shows as 2 drives

Hey everyone. Hope you can help me out with this issue I’m having. I just had to rebuild my PC. Specs - Athlon XP 1800, 1.5GB of RAM, 60GB HD for the OS (C: drive), and 160GB for data (D: drive), Win XP Pro SP2, all windows updates. I noticed after installing some of my programs and Windows updates, my D: drive is now being mirrored as an F: drive. It was mirroring any changes that I would make right away. Then the F: drive would only show change made to the D: drive. Also, every time I reboot XP wants to run a check disk on D: and F:. I let it run, majority or the time and it comes back showing as 2 drives. This morning the F: drive is unreadable but the D: drive is still readable. I check in Disk manager utility and it shows up as 1 drive. If I go into the defrag utility it shows up as 2. The drive was unplugged when I rebuilt and installed Windows. There’s no type of mirroring software installed. The first time I noticed it was after I installed Roxio Easy CD creator. I un-installed it but still showing as 2 drives. The only other things that are installed are MS Office, AVG Anti-Virus, Spy-bot, WinAmp and iTunes. I’ve made a backup of the data on that drive, but it took me forever and really don’t want to wipe the drive and start over if I don’t have to. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on what I can do, try, etc? Thanks in Advance!!
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  1. I honestly have no idea whats going on there. But my bet would be that this is some issue with the MB. Check the BIOS and try resetting it or something...
  2. In my opinion that Roxio is pernicious stuff. It wouldn't surprise me if it is the cause of all of the worlds evils. :lol: Try going back to a restore point before the installation of the Roxio. Other than that I wouldn't know where to start.
  3. If the restore doesn't work, I'd try a Windows Repair booting off the CD and if that doesn't work, I'd do a clean install. Be sure to take the data drive while you're doing this. I agree with getting rid of EMC. I've used it for, currently EMC 8 and it doesn't work half the time. I'm replacing all the EMC programs with programs that are designed to do just what ever function I need, e.g., video, music, etc
  4. I think he was looking for something short of a reload, but your right if the restore doesn't work he probably is SOL.
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