What set of security options should I use?

I have available to me the following:

Windows Live One Care
Norton Internet Security 2006 (this includes Antivirus and firewall and spyware protection)
Symantec Antivirus Corporate 10.1

I can also obviously get any other free program but these are the paid progroms that i own.

Can you tell me which suite, and why, will be best? While I like the internet security 2006, it's pretty annoying when it comes to blocking too much...i constantly have to disable it just to watch a video in internet explorer or view a webpage that has flash built in, so it's kind of like overkill to me.

I was THINKING of going the route of norton corp + windows defender.

I am also willing to purchase another antivirus suite if someone thinks its that much better...but i don't want to spend a ton.

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  1. What kind of setup do you have ?
    My PC sits behind a router so is not directly exposed to the Internet (i.e. uses NAT to provide a hardware firewall)

    Personally if your PC is connected via a router then all you need is antivirus software (I use AVG). The router blocks unwanted access and most Internet security suites just cause problems and take up far too much CPU/memory.
  2. don't have internet security and symantec corp. on at the same time, it's impractical, pick one and stick with it

    hardware firewalls/routers are the best
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