XP Pro vs MCE

Ok, so I'm thinking about actually buying a legal copy for my next computer...
MCE is $109 and XP Pro is $134.

Should I go ahead and buy MCE?
I can disable all the crap that was added since pro, right?
Are there any drawbacks of MCE compared to pro?
Why is MCE cheaper than Pro?
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  1. yeah its worth it definately
  2. hi
    xp pro giving you more control on your system.
    many tv cards (most) have problems on mce.
    short discribe of these.
    on the other hand varie from what porpuse you want you pc?
  3. I won't need any of the extra features, but I don't mind having them if it's cheaper...

    I use my computer for gaming, programming, and I need to be able to connect to my wireless network. I can do all of that fine on pro.
  4. bacis: if tv tuner cards are having issues with MCE it is because of their drivers not being written well to work with MCE or not being certified MCE hardware

    toasty2: i have MCE 2005 with all the latest updates and rollups and it works just as well as pro, theres no single component that is missing from pro on MCE, no draw backs or lack of functionality\features just the additional services for MCE, i would definately go for it, and buy a remote control while you're at it!
  5. hi.
    i read in many forums that with mce they are many problems.
    personaly i did not try use of them.
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