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Hello, I recently bought a Compaq SR2168HM that came with a 250W PSU and a Asus M2N61-LA by default. That motherboard is so obscure Asus doesn't even mention it on any of there domains; I google hacked for it.

My question is I want to swap the AM2 socket sempron 3400+ currently in it which is supposedly 62W with a AM2 Athlon 64 4000+ that is also 62W. I don't have a hard copy of Vista so I'd very much like to avoid a reinstall. I've seen where people going from single core to X2 where just changing the processor driver, can I do that with a 32bit to 64bit upgrade and get the true advantage of 64bit performance? Can Vista Home Basic adjust to the changes?

A few things I do know is no jumper setting have to be changed and my mobo is compatible with the upgrade.
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  1. Yeah I've already researched the hardware aspect; the latest BIOS doesn't have over clocking features. I just want the stock clock specs. I'm not really interested in doubling my power bill which is why I'm just going to get a 350W modular PSU with PCIe and SATA rails.

    The PSU has enough power on the P4 type 12V+ rail for the 4000+. I was just curious about the OS. I may just wait for the CPU and get a new PSU cause paying out $200 for a OS isn't within my budget and I make 45k a year, and alternative's VM solutions don't run any quality DX9 titles.
  2. You should be able to change from the 3400+ to the 4000+ without re-installing the OS.

    Like Tacos said, changing from Vista 32 to Vista 64 isn't going to happen unless you get a Vista 64 disc. Same with making any changes with the Vista Home Basic without a OS disc. It sounds like you picked up this computer on the used market, because all new computers should have the OS disc with them. If it was purchased new, I'd go back to the store and demand a copy of the OS disc. If used, I'd be concerned that the OS is a pirated copy and then you'll have trouble in the future when you try to get updates for it, because it would likely fail when it comes to the validation of the OS.

    As to the psu, getting a larger one is a very good idea. 250wt just isn't going to power anything very long, and even a 350wt is pretty small if you get even a medium sized PCIe video card.
  3. The truth is I traded some hardware I was saving for a FX-62 build for the whole setup. It's brand new. It came with the typical illustrated manuals and a 32bit Vista anytime upgrade CD.

    I was planning on just adding a BFG Geforce 6800 OC 512MB that works off the boards 12V+ BUS. I added up max wattages for all my components and a 350W with a decent amperage on the 12+ and 5+ would work even if I decided to add components later. It has a combo drive and 5-1 card reader with plenty of USB and LAN so I wouldn't need much more components and if necessary I could use a break out board with a cell.

    Like I said though I'll max the ram out get another PSU and the PCIe video card then get the 4000+ and 64bit version of vista later.

    Also my copy is Compaq licensed install and it passes the tests. I don't use pirated MS OS's because I always get the feeling they're spying on people and building statistics and legal cases in a passive manner.
  4. I gave my self a $100 budget for the video card. I found a 7100 128MB card on ebay for $70 but it's only 400Mhz and has the same shader and stuff as the BFG 6800. I'm buying off ebay regardless. The 512MB 6600 by BFG is only $99 brand new and is also 400Mhz.

    Plus it's worth noting I don't play warcraft or doom 3 so I don't need a fast core. I may play the sims 2 and use gamespace and darkbasic occasionally.
  5. Ok, glad its a good licensed copy. Taco has a good idea on how to get a 64bit Vista OS. If you can get it through a school, you can save a lot of dollars. Also, a 500-600wt psu can be had pretty cheap right now. But its one thing at a time when you're short on money.
  6. You do realize that with a 24" LCD, you may have to get a more powerful video card, maybe even two of the things. And further, you'll have a bigger LCD than the one I've saving for. Oh no, that sounds like a spot of jealousy. Got to wash it off quick before it causes a stain.
  7. iirc, the 24" LCD's only need a DVI connector, a dual link DVI is not required...
    So pretty much any X1600 or equivalent GPU should handle one...

    I can not express enough how much better computing has gotten working with my X1800XT and Dell 2405FPW LCD monitor...

    For my next LCD monitor upgrade, I am eyeing the 2707FPW which has same resolution, but better refresh rates than my older current model, yet same pixel resolution which will make it easier for reading... which I imagine would make it the ideal perfect display, imo.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'm not sure about the price differences, or even if a larger monitor would fit well on my desk. It will be a couple months before I start seriously looking at monitors, so I have some time for the considerations.
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