cpu/mobo/vid card april 22 which to buy?

thanks for reading,i have all parts case,zalman 9700,600w p/s,4g corsair, 6400xms,ect..
I will order rest of build after intel price cuts 4/22 my questions are.
1) when will ati or nv release next gen vid cards ?
2)I plan on getting e6600 which mobo will be best for oc in the $220+/-
range single or sli/cross fire doesn't matter?ive read reviews or 680i on newegg and it seems to have alot of pissed off people :(
thanks for the help
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  1. well.... haha you picked the best day because ati is realeasing its dx10 april 23. so far all i know is the 2900xt is coming out for $400 and is comparable to the 8800gtx, they will release the 2900xtx later

    I think nvidia is releasing the rest of its lineup later on, but close to the launch of ati's dx10 cards
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