Internet Explorer 7 enforced via Automatic Updates Nov 1. 06

prepare yourself if you are not ready for the update, IE7 will be pushed out through windows updates / automatic updates services on nov 1st as a critical high priority patch (mandatory) for xp and 2003 platforms

2000 will not have the ability of installing ie7, the final release of ie7 will be available as a manual download probably a week from now on until it gets released through update services

you can prevent it by downloading a toolkit to block the update until you are ready for it


good luck!
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  1. Wow... that's interesting. MS is really pushing the Vista/IE7 front. Check out the info they are offering as "what to tell your organization" when it comes to upgrading to vista: .

    I think if I went to my director with that info, then told her about the costs associated with upgrading, she would throw me out of her office for sure!
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