XP activation???!

I played a bit with msconfig and now Windows tells me that I have to activate my copy because my hardware has change, but it didn't :!: and that I have 3 days left. :(

The problem is that I already activated windows 5 times, so I can't activate it any more.

Although I returned to normal settings I still get the activation note.
I tried system restore and it didn't work.

Any one knows how can I get over this. :!: :?: :cry:
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  1. I'm puzzled how playing with msconfig can cause you to have to reactivate XP. msconfig allows you to disable various startup processes ..

    What did you do ?
  2. I've disabled some startup processes like iTunesHlper, DrgToDsc, and nvidia
    settings center and some other, and when I restarted windows the activation note showed-up. :?

    I don't want to buy a new copy of XP :( (specially that Vista is on the way)
  3. stop freaking out, if you have a legit copy of windows, call microsoft and they will allow you to re-activate it

    if it's not a legit copy, then i guess you need to crack it or something again

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents
    the OOBETimer key's value was probably changed, that's why it's prompting to activate
  4. I use msconfig all the time to disable some startup rubbish.

    XP should only ask for reactivation if there has been a significant hardware change. Do you have your XP licence details ?

    I would call their Activation support line and explain what is going on.
    Did you buy the PC with XP already installed or did you put it on yourself ?
  5. hi
    in your case is only one think remaining .
    call the microsoft and tell them to activate your copy.
    one friend of me ,he did not activate windows for some reason till the day they stop function.and a screen come up with a phone number etc etc.
    it call them and told to activate the windows.
    of cousre the windows there already activated,but the support team reactivate them.
    no worry.
  6. It worked :D

    I called the support line and even thay where puzzled with my case.

    Thank you all for your help :)
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