Problem: Sharing fax on Server 2003 - XP SP2

This is my setup:

- Windows 2003 server standard edition SP1
- with E-tech Bullet 56K modem
- installed fax printer, fax printer is working on server, shared as 'Fax'
- on server Fax Console says 'Ready' (bottom) and in Tools, Fax Printer
Status 'Local / Online'
- Fax is working!

- Multiple XP home/pro SP2 clients
- Clients are not in server domain, but can connect to server
- Installing fax printer on client: go to \\servername, log on using
Administrator, password
- Double click 'Fax' to install shared fax printer
- After installing, fax console says 'All fax printers are inaccessible'
- Tools, Fax Printer Status says 'servername / Connection error'

I tried fixfax.reg but didn't help. Please help me, have been searching on
Google/newsgroups for days.

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  1. do you have a domain controller in place or this this fax server a standalone part of a workgroup?

    there is a lack of permissions, in the fax management console, go to the local fax's properties and then the permissions tab and as a test give full access permissions to the everyone group and see what happens (restart the fax service and spooler after)

    also make sure you test with an xp client who has local admin rights, regular users may not have permissions to install the fax drivers
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