Virus Scanner: What is the best/ What do you use!

I personally used Symantec Corp in the past however its huge overhead and tendency to crash free korean games (like gunbound) was the reason I ditched it. Ive heard from some in the corporate enviornment that TrendMicro produces the best anti-virus software (largest database and great detection) however Avast! is a great alternative to those who need a free virus scanner. Im using AVG on my laptop now and am thoroughly satisfied as it instantly stopped a virus from executing from a webpage and cleaned it from the temporary files, however i had AVG-Antispyware installed also (uses the old ewido engine) which helped.

My recommendations have to be Avast! and AVG Anti-spyware of you are looking for a free virus scanner however
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  1. we use mcafee 8.0i at work, it's pretty good, lightweight and no bs on top, but then again it's an enterprise level software, nice if you can get your hands on it
  2. Bit Defender.....set it and forget it....nuff said
  3. If you're looking into actually buying an anti-virus, then go with NOD32 all the way:

    I use the trial, along with a special "something" that makes the trial last forever. BUT, it is not illegal! NOD32 was not modded in any way, so I couldn't be sued for it. :D
  4. I'm using AVG also...
  5. Ive used a bunch in the past, from avg free edition to bitdefender full. I found that avg free did a great job. Bitdefender did even better. But bitdefender tied up to much memory on my terrible computer and i find it runs much faster using the trial of windows live onecare. But ill have to switch back to avg when its over.
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