XP Freezes At Loading Screen

My dad installed some program on his computer, didn't like it, and uninstalled it. After that, his computer crashed and I haven't been able to get passed the screen with Windows XP Professional and the moving blue bar and then it freezes. Last Good Configuration doesn't work; it ends up at the same place and the blue bar stops also. I System Restored it to the day before he installed the program; once again, the blue bar stops moving.
Could this be a hardware issue? Virus (unlikely)?
Any response will be appreciated.

Safe mode works fine, but the computer just can't get past the moving (then stopping) blue bar in normal mode.

The computer's specs are as follows:
Windows XP Professional
Intel Pentium 4 2.26 ghz
512 MB PC3200 RAM
80 GB 7200 RPM HD
GeForce FX5200
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  1. from safe mode go to start > run > msconfig
    in msconfig, go to the services tab, click on "hide all microsoft services" then click on disable all
    move to the startup tab, click on disable all again
    click ok
    restart when prompted
    see if normal mode boots
  2. It still doesn't work.
    Windows freezes up even before I log in as any user, so could any of the Windows files be corrupt?
  3. it's a third party driver trying to load, safe mode works because it excludes all third party stuff (non microsoft components), but at the same it excludes a lot of non-essential microsoft windows services too

    if msconfig didn't help, it's gonna be tough finding out which driver it may be, you could try excluding all services in msconfig in safe mode, not just the non-microsoft ones...and rebooting, there will only be a couple of things that you can't disable, the RPC service probably (remote procedure call), see if it boots in normal mode with only that enabled, if it does, you can fun trying to find out which item on the services list is causing it to crap out, you'll probably have to reboot a 100 times
  4. I disabled all the devices except for RCP and it still did not boot.
    Windows just keeps freezing at the loading screen.
  5. is safe mode with networking crapping out too?
  6. Safe Mode in networking seems to be fine.
    System Restore isn't doing anything ...
  7. I had an aftermarket wireless card installed, after i took it out and booted all was fine...
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