Need new router - any suggestions

I am a bit of a newb when it comes to networking. I have put up with a Belkin Wireless 54g Router. Model number F5D7230-4. Its the model from 2004 with two aerials, really wide, stands on its side, 4 LAN ports as well.

Unfortunately, the wireless has been playing up recently - no SSID would be broadcast and no matter what you did it was almost impossible to fix. It still makes a good wired switch though should I wish to extend my wired LAN. Thus, I need a new router.

There are so many bloody routers I can't pick and choose the right brand or model. Also some of the cheaper ones with only one aerial have abysmal coverage compared with my 3 yeard old router!

I need a wireless 54g router with the following features:

* Wireless 54g with support for 802.11g standard
* At least 2 aerials on the router to ensure good coverage (the building is very large so its imperitive that the router has that feature, more aerials would be better if they help)
* 4 port 10/100 LAN switch to plug in wired devices (any wireless routers with gigabit switch?)
* Built in firewall with the ability to do port forwarding, so I can open up ports for specific programs to work properly (i.e. Windows Live Messenger, Multi Player Games, Windows Media)
* Built in ability to secure the wireless network (using a WPA network key/password to access the wireless network)
* Any other facilities I havent mentioned that my current Belkin Router had including a noob friendly interface, DCHP, Virtual Firewall, Easy configuration

Any suggestions. I haven't got a strict budget but I want to pay as little as possible.

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  1. Here is a router i used it work very we'll the only reason and alot of wireless G did not work for me is because i have like 15 ppl around me that have wireless router's all G so it worked good but i had to change due to the fact i run my bussiness online and i need to be on when i am doing my job. but besides that it was a great router. awesome tech support they are American yes i said american tech support 8O 8O which it was awesome to hear some speak english like you and me and such. and no a india person hi can i help you? which i hate comapny that do indina support. :evil: :twisted:

    but here is the link

    it is we'll worth the money and the tech support they know what they was doing some of the guy i talked to there helped me out alot. even tho it was not there product.
  2. I use a Buffalo WHR-G54S and have had no problems what-so-ever. Its 802.11B/G router. I've also heard that Belkin, D-Link and Netgear are pretty good. Not 100% sure about Netgear. I've personally used Buffalo, Linksys, and Microsoft. I'd stay away from Linksys, have problems with those. Hope this helps.
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