Having a nightmare, i hope someone can help !!

Hi guys,

I have just replaced my PSU with a new HyperR 580w PSU. The reason for it was that i am trying to eliminate which component is randomly freezing my PC.

The problem ive got is that money is kinda tight and i really need to save to upgrade completely, so investing in a decent PSU was not a bad idea, but when it was all put back together, i got nothing.

I mean it powered up the motherboard, but that was it. Now could this be the memory playing up, which i suppose would account for the freezing, its the only thing i havnt changed, i changed the mobo and CPU, only because i can use them later on for spares if need be.

My question is would screwed memory cause the pc not to even present the post screen? i tried leaving the memory out too and still the same, but again does the mobo do nothing if theres no memory.


AMD Sempron 3200+
1GB Corsair Twins
Poo GC
Poo everything Else....for now.

I have also tried using my old PSU again and now that gives me nowt too. I was very careful when installing the new PSU too.

Hope you guys can help, if you need more info please ask me.


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  1. Take a deep breath first! Start with the basics. Take the MB, PS, RAM, video card out of the case and bench test them first (use a piece of conductive metal like a screwdriver blade to momentarily bridge the two MB header pins for the on/off switch to turn on the system. It wouldn't hurt to clear the CMOS, according to the instructions in your MB manual (and don't forget to unplug the PS first).
    If things still don't work, make sure you have a speaker connected to the speaker header pins on the MB so you can hear the "beep code". Also, try reseating the RAM and video card, and, if necessary, the CPU (remember that you will have to clean off the old thermal compound and apply fresh stuff if you take off the CPU cooler, so make sure you have some thermal compound and some anhydrous isopropyl alcohol to use for cleaning).

    Work your way up from there.
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