Need a little advice: AGP and PCIe x16

Hey everyone, so heres the situation, my good friend might be giving me his rig really soon. I only had a little time to look at it since i was in a rush but from what i remember, it has a p4 2.8 in it (i can put my 3.0 in there or buy a c2d) i think it was 1.25 gigs of ram, (i currently have 1.75 gigs so ill add to that ammount) im not exactly sure what the mobo was, but the main point is that it doesnt have pcie x16, only AGP. He has an ok graphics card in there an x800 i think. (still beats the shit out of my limited to pci rig with a 5500 in it) but what i want to know is how much more of an impact would getting a new mobo maybe a nice 965 or 650i, and an ok pciex16 card make. I am a little limited on money right now, so should i just keep the agp rig or upgrade to a new mobo and gpu?

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  1. If he's actually giving it to you... why not? A P4 2.8Ghz with an X800 AGP is my setup and it is fine for most games I play including Medieval II: Total War, Stalker, FEAR (plays flawlessly), and C&C3.
  2. If the AGP rig works fine for the games and programs you want to run keep it. You can always upgrade later and chances are you will get a better system for your money.

    If you need a newer video card to play a certain game it might be worth looking into an upgrade. PCIE video cards are cheaper than AGP. Depending on what kind of ram you currently have you may have to buy new ram if you get a new mobo. If your current AGP rig has DDR2 you probably could reuse if its regular DDR you most likely would have to add that to the list of things to buy.
  3. right, im not worried about ram, i have ddr2 as well in my rig. only problem might be is that its slow and his might be fast.
    oh and dr asik, could you post your specs and what res and settings you play games on? i want to see how well your computer with an x800 plays certain games
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