Looking for a new wireless keyboard/mouse combo

After three and a half years at college and a year at home its time to replace my old, crusty, dirty, beer-split Logitech LX300 keyboard and mouse. I like wireless because if i need to clear off my desk in a jiffy, I can do it in two seconds. Also I dont' have to worry about tangling any cords. Are they're any decent wireless combo's out there?
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  1. Realize that a wireless mouse is heavy compared to wired (batteries). Might interfere with "gaming". You might want to get a slide-out tray that goes under the desk for quick hide-aways. There are A LOT of wireless keyboards out there. Keyboards and mice are such a personal choice - kinda like suggesting what car to buy! Good luck.
  2. Logitech MX3200 is what I purchased last week, love it.
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