ati 2900 xtx release date?

I have read various posts where people are saying that it will release in June. Is this true? why wouldnt they just release it all at the same time. I thought they release their best one first too.
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  1. I hope that's just a nasty rumor. I'm on hold for building my new system till the XTX comes out : /
    All this guesswork really sucks
  2. Well the plan seems to be XT in May XTX in June.

    This is similar to the X1800 which launched the XL first followed by the XT.

    With the XTX being in June, I personally think it may be the 65nm version of the R600 (aka R650) and really, if that's the earliest it would've arrived anyways that's not a big deal, the problem is the 80nm version being delayed to close to it. But we'll see. It's not good having a split launch, but it's no different than if AMD called the XT the XTX and then brought out the HD2950XTX in June instead of calling it the 2900XTX.
  3. What I've heard so far is something along these lines...

    The R610s/R630s (I think one has a V), the low end DX10 AMD cards, are released sometime in May, likely early because they've already been bought up.

    The R600 HD2900 is released in late May (23rd, 24th?), probably about a month after the "Release" date. No word on what versions will be available. What WILL be available is the 512 mb of Ram version, AKA XT.

    The R600 HD2900 XTX is released later, likely June, because that's the earliest realistic time for it if it doesn't come out with the XT. No real word about this either.

    The R650 chipset (HD2450, 2650, 2950?) is released, likely in late August, featuring a 65 nm core, meaning more efficient chips, but maybe more expensive due to yields.

    However, my current (conspiracy) theory is that the R600 is going to be 65 nm, but ATI is keeping it all secret until the 23rd/24th, and all the R600 data we have so far is on 80nm stuff... There was so much talk about 65 nm, but now it's all gone? And why would a rare 8 pin power connector (even if it is backwards compatible) be used on a retail board?

    We aren't going to be able to know anything definitive until the 23rd, so it would be best to wait patiently right now, I guess. However, we might get more hints after that on the XTX's fate, possibly through Apple or one of the other major system builders (like what happened with the 3 ghz Xeon).
  4. Geez that's much later than I thought... That's quite disappointing if that's true. I really dont want to settle for less when it comes to the graphics card either.... May even go crossfire...

    Maybe I could just buy the first release, treat it well, and sell it off in a couple months for a slight depreciation and then get the XTX.... Think that'd be a good idea? I'd like to have this built within the next few weeks.

    Aside from that, I wonder what MB will be a good choice... or if I should just wait to see what's released...
  5. The R600 is supposed to support PCIEx2, (It has the PCIEx2 power plug, the 8 pin one) but no current motherboards support PCIEx2.

    -->Wikipedia info on PCIEx2

    So, a good mobo for it apparently doesn't exist yet. (Edit: Supposedly the 790 with PCIEx2 is launched on the 23rd as well) So just get a good one (I'm fond of my P5B, but the higher end versions of it support WiFi, SLI/Crossfire, etc, compared to the simple, default, version I use.), preferably with Crossfire support.

    My suggestion as to your construction is to get all the parts besides the video card, build it (Use on board motherboard graphics, unless you're planning to benchmark games), test it... and then when AMD releases their info on the 23rd from Tunisia, decide what would be worth it to you. Chances are that the R600 XT will still be damn good when the XTX version is released (And it probably won't be as power hungry!)

    Edit in the Mobo section. Thanks Grape, I didn't think of that.
  6. You might also want to consider ALL the things AMD may launch at the Tunisia event, like those sched for summer on the Roadmap since last year.
    Hint, while you're at Wiki check out 52 lane PCIe2.0 supporting RD790. :twisted:
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