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i installed vista RC 1 a extra hard disk and i have a small problem. before and after i installed the NVIDIA display drivers i have had this problem.

Everything works great except for.. when i go to use my second display my primary display (on digital) becomes garbled and I am left with the second display to work with. This proves to be a problem because everything is on the primary display
Any ideas

SoundBlaster audigy 2 zs platinum
ATI 550 Tv tuner
P4 550
ASUS p5gd2 delux motherboard
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    Try updating the version the Nvidia drivers to a newer version (if possible). If not, you can always try to step up your copy of Vista to RC2 which is that little bit more stable.

    If needs be, try rolling back your drivers a version, do a search on RC1 drivers to figure the version you need.

    Hope this is of some help.
    -Reap :)
  2. thanks.

    i was the NVIDIA drivers.
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