Good motherboard choice for R600/2900? (Planning next build)

I'm trying to be as patient as possible with this next ATI launch but I'm also considering putting a machine together and just using my current card till the first released 2900 is out.

I've been hearing the XTX wont come out till June so I'll have to wait till then and I'll get the XTX, quite possibly a pair for xfire, and sell the first 2900.

But regardless of all that. I'm wondering if there are any suitable OCable motherboards currently out, or will be out shortly, to fully accommodate the potential for an xfire XTX setup. Thanks.

(I chose the GFX card section as opposed to the MB section since I figured there would be more R600 knowledgeable folks here)
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  1. You should still go to the MoBo section because they are the knowledgeable people for what you need.

    From a future graphics perspective if you're waiting anyways, then consider the benefits of an AMD RD790 or nV MCP72 AMD chipsets or intel BearLake X38 chipsets. But the MoBos won't be in retail for a while, AMD in early-mid summer intel late summer/fall, and maybe later for both.
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