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What version of Win Vista is RC1/2?

Is it the standard, business, ultimate, etc?
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  1. Mine was ultimate. After first installation it done a system check and when it finished it said Vista Ultimate or something to that effect
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    All the Beta and RC versions of vista that were distributed out to the public were for the ultimate edition so that you could try all the features, and MS could get as much feedback as possible.
  3. All the versions are included on the same disc (or, in this case, the ISO file). What version you install depends on what key you bought. Of course, the beta keys are valid for any version of Vista RC1/2 so it really doesn't make sense to install a version other that Ultimate.
  4. The only version that you can install is the Ultimate in the RC's. I have seen no way install anything else. Please share if you know how to install other versions.
  5. Well, I never tried to install any version other than Ultimate, so I don't know if it's possible, but I don't see why it shouldn't be.

    Why would you install any other version if you can have Ultimate?
  6. on the screen in which you enter the product key just simple press next without entering the key it will then show the versions to choose from which you can then install. All version are on the same DVD (ISO image)
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