Heatsink for ASUS P5N-E SLI Southbridge


Can anyone recommend a worthwhile cooler for the South Bridge? Not really into overclocking but I do want something to help keep it cool.
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  1. bump! :(
  2. I was wanting the same thing and wonder if the pins will line up for this :


    And replace the big heat spreader on the Northbridge with this :


    Can anyone verify this heatsink to fit ?
  3. Should fit :D

    Placed this on the SB

    This one on the NB

    Bought a new CPU HSF too and I am satisfied with the results.

    One thing I noticed is that the SB and placing a heatsink on it will prevent SLI. Edit: Well, the one I placed anyways :lol:

    P.S I love having one of Newegg's warehouse less than 30 miles away :D
  4. I do like the Zalman products . . . but I do like the low profile EnzoTech copper heatsink too . . . I will probably never use the SLI feature either . . . :wink: . . . but ya never know . . . as long as everything stays cool ! 8)
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