problems getting my NIC to work with vista RC1

i just installed vista RC1 on my pc and everythignworks really well except that it wont find the drivers for my network card. i tried my onboard card and 3 other pci cards and it is never able to find the drivers for it. even if i try and manually install the drivers it wont take them.

the one on my mobo is a 3com Gigabit LOM (3C940), i also tried a Linksys Etherfast Pci 10/100 LNE100TX and an NC100U

what card do i need to get if i want it to work with vista RC1?
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  1. Did you go into Device Manager and try to update the drivers from there? Unzip the driver package into a folder, go into DM, locate the NIC and do a driver update. When prompted, navigate to the folder with the unzipped driver package and allow Vista to install it from there.
  2. ye ai tried doing that exactly and still no luck. also i failed to mention in my initial post that this is the 64 bit version of vista. i knwo lots of people are havign problems with drivers in the 64 bit version but there must be some nics that work. if i know what kind to get i will go get one.
  3. I found this link. You can apparently install the Marvell Yukon generic driver provided by Vista. Read the whole thread. 64 bit Vista requires signed drivers but you can disable that "feature" to install unsigned XP x64 drivers.
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