DVD Video playback dark and grainy, regular screen etc fine!

I dont' understand this. I am having problems with video playback on my comp. I have two dvd drives, a LiteOn DVD reader and a new Samsung DVDRW w/Lightscribe. I have had no problems in the past, but now my movies look really poor. I tried the disks in my laptop and they played fine. What is the prob? I've used Windows Media Player, Nero Showtime and PowerDVD and all three had the same playback issues. I have a Athlon 64 3400, 6800GT and I've even updated the video drivers just in case. Any ideas???
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  1. updating nvidia foreceware drivers may put your video settings to default, which may make it look dark and jagged

    go back to your display properties and try to mess with the settings and brighten it up a bit, i had the same problem when i first installed my 6600
  2. I ran the display optimization wizard and nothing changed. My desktop, and internet and everything else looks normal and fine. It's only when I play DVD's on my computer when I get the problems.
  3. no that's not it
    make sure you're using the new control panel for nvidia, not the classic
    right click on your desktop and go to nvidia control panel
    click on video & television (make sure you have advanced viewing enabled)
    click on adjust video color settings
    go through all the tabs and mess around with them or at least reset them to default and then start adjusting it
  4. That's what I did.... Still no improvement. I tried the defaults and sliding the sliders but no help.... I'm dumbfounded.
  5. damn man...i'm all out too
  6. Ok.... I think I got it. Although this sucks..... I took an old ATI 9200 SE and put it in the AGP slot, and it plays movies great. I also tried an old Nvidia MX4000 in a PCI slot and it played movies great as well....... My father in law has the same Leadtek Winfast 6800GT and he has never used it except to fart around with screensavers. I'm going to get his tomorrow and see if it works. If so, this is the second 6800 GT that I would have crap out on me in less than 1 1/2 years. Also, my father in laws was returned when it came and it was broken out of the box. Hopefully this setup will get me through until next spring/summer when I can build new. I'm totally ready for DX10 and a new multi core processor.
  7. i found out something weird last night

    so i'm watching some .avi file in windows media player, the vid finishes and jumps to the next file on the playlist, and bam, everything in media player goes dark
    so i get out of full screen, simply go to a folder that is displaying a collection of my .avi files with the thumbnail view, click on one of the files (just a single click), then suddenly WMP brightens up again, i full screened and watched the whole thing without any further issues

    something's up with the nvidia drivers...i don't know, just thought u might wonna test this out
  8. guys ... i found this thread while searching for dvd playback grainy on google, and i need to reactivate this thread. i'm experiencing similar symptoms with my new machine. with my old hp laptop and computers before that (all non 1920x1200 resolution) ... i could play my dvds on my pc without anything being grainy or pixelated! however now, with my quadcore q6600 machine, with nvidia card (GeForce 8800 GTS 512), 4 gigs of ram, and vista 64 bit OS i get the grainy pixelated playback from my pc. i've been using the same software to view movies, which is cyberpower dvd (got cyberpower dvd 7) and the playback is awfully grainy.

    i am up-to-date on my video card drivers, so i don't think that is the case. is it something with the resolution i am watching my dvd in? another thing ... i backup my dvds so that they stay in good shape over time, but honestly the grainy pixelated images turn up in my .iso files (burn copies) as well ... this has never happened before, and its starting to frustrate me.

    any help or answers? thanks!
  9. btw, maybe this should go in the vista section since this is not an xp issue ...
  10. Worked for me.

    Some time after installing nvidia 169.25, my video went black, too. Unclicking the "Use the NVIDIA Control Panel color settings" box worked best. If you move the sliders, you have to press "APPLY" after every change or it does nothing.

    Hope this helps.

  11. Go to your NVIDIA control panel > Video and Television> Modify full screen video options and make sure
    the second option is selected (also show it full screen on my "your monitor type")
    This solved the same issue for me.

    Good Luck.
  12. Man you nailed it, in the "Video and Television Settings" the contrast and brightness were turned all the way down to zero. I put them at 50% (middle) and boom video looks great to me. THANK YOU for the suggestion.
  13. I had problems when viewing video files on VLC where the video looked fine when I watched it at its normal size not fullscreen. As soon as I made the video play bigger than the video's resolution it would get dark. Full screening the video files also made the videos dark.

    The fix:

    Right click desktop>Nvidia Control Panel

    Under Video & Television>Adust Video Color Settings
    - Select your main monitor if your using more than one.
    - At 2. How do you make color adjustments?
    (make sure *With the video player settings is selected)

    I found that mine some how got switched to (With the Nvidia settings) which would cause nvidia settings to over ride the video player settings when I full screened my videos.

    Switching it to -With the Video Player settings, fixed it for me.
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