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I hate WMP 12, so naturally I want to un-associate all file types from it. Unfortunately, in the "Set associations for this program" dialogue, many options are perma-selected (selected and greyed out). How can I get around this totalitarian nonsense and make sure WMP is never ever the default program for anything?

NOTE: Different associations for a different program can established by choosing so. Rather, the goal is to establish un-associations...to uncheck those boxes.
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  1. All the associations are in the registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.

    Quite what you'd replace (default) value with I don't know though.
  2. Looking through some other file-types, it looks like you can just delete what it says.


    This is at your own risk, and make sure you back up machine and registry before fiddling!
  3. Click on Windows icon (Start)

    Click on All Programs

    Click on Default Programs

    Click on Assosiate a file type or protocol with a program

    Under Current default section, where ever you see Windows Media player, double click on it, then associate the Media player program that you want to replace it with, by clicking on Browse and locating the program location.
  4. Thanks guys. No doubt both of those solutions would work.

    For the record I fully disabled WMP through the Windows Features function and have installed GOM Player.

    I'm looking for an awesome free alternative to WMP, if you all have any suggestions please feel free to post them. :)
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