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There are times when it takes an extraordinarily long time for a page to download at other times there is no problem. I am using Road Runner, a XyXEL 550 router with 5 computers, 3 wireless and 2 wired to the router. The problem will occur on any of them. Everything is set up to automatically assign addresses. Sometimes pinging the web address that is hanging up or the network address will start the page and sometimes not. I'm also getting a ZoneAlarm message that "65.24..7.3 has been Blocked Program Generic Host Process to Win32 Service" but not just or always when a page hangs up. The hang up can occur when going to sites such as My Yahoo, CNN, ESPN, or tomshardware. I googled the above ZoneAlarm message and found some stuff about DNS addresses and making changes but really didn't understand what they were talking about. I've disable the firewall, anti virus program, Ad Muncer an ad blocking program and none of this had any affect on the download. This occurs with both FireFox and IE 7, e.g., a page is hanging in FireFox and I copy and paste the address in IE 7 and the page hangs. The OS is Windows XP with all the current updates. One other odd thing is that I cannot connect my computer directly to the cable modem, when I do, the LAN light is Yellow rather than Green and there is no Internet connection. I have no problem connecting the modem directly to the router and the computer to the Router using he same computer LAN port that won't work when connected directly to the computer. Road Runner has been out to the house and all the signals check out as being strong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  1. When you hook the computer directly upto the modem, did you cycle the power on the modem? It needs to be reset from when you used the router.
  2. No, didn't know you had to recycle the modem. I'll try it and see if it fixes that particular problem. Thanks
  3. I would check and recheck all your setting on your router and on your pc. You probably need to change some settings if you want to connect direct to the Modem since the PCs network settings are setup for connection the the router. You could try manually giving each PC an Ip adress instead of setting it to auto. Also you may want to uninstall all firewalls, adblockers, spyware programs ....etc and reinstall themHow often do you have this problem of pages hanging?? Does it happen certain times of day?? Does it happen on certain pages more then others? It could just be internet traffic is high to those web sites.
  4. Sturm was right, recycling allowed me to connect directly to the PC but didn't make any difference.. It really happens randomly, i.e., no particular time and no particular web sites. I don't think it's any of the security programs but I'll try reinstalling given it happens on all the machines. Will recheck the router but if it happens when directly connected to the PC, wouldn't think it's the router. Thanks
  5. If your problem happens without the router then thats not the problem.
    If your isp has checked the signal strength and its ok then I would exchange the modem for a new one from your ISP. I had problems with mine cutting out and a new modem seems to have taken care of 99% of my problems.
  6. Quote:
    If your problem happens without the router then thats not the problem.
    If your isp has checked the signal strength and its ok then I would exchange the modem for a new one from your ISP. I had problems with mine cutting out and a new modem seems to have taken care of 99% of my problems.

    That's my thinking but I recently got a new modem from the cable company and it didn't help. Does the modem have a network address? If so, how can I get it?
  7. we'll if its cable. see with cable it runs on the same line, so the more ppl have the cable internet it will drag sometimes because of the high and low peak times. i use to have the problem and found that out. see on my block nobody has cable internet so i dont have to worry about that god bless dsl :lol: but if you got it exchanged call the cable company tell them to ping the modem and go from there and see what they say. if they say it all ok. i would still see if they would send a cable guy out to look at the problem, also there sometimes where they dont put a filter on the cable line for the modem. if they did not that will slove %99 of the problems because the T.v will mess with the connection sometimes. but if it still does not work after they test the line and the cable guy comes out sometimes the server hosting the webpage's have high and low peak time's.
  8. I talked with a couple of the cable guys that have been out here and they're saying that it's not because of too many users, supposedly they monitor this Also, there is supposed to be the cable filter you referred to, at least they said the signal for the Internet is different than the one for the TV. I thought it might be high traffic on web sites but when it's happening, it seems to be with all web sites. It also frequently occurs first thing in the morning, around 7 AM, when you wouldn't expect a lot of traffic and occurs on sites without high international viewers, e.g., State of Ohio government sites. As I said above, most of the time I have no problem pinging the site or the network. I just installed TCPOptimizer and it seems to have helped. I keep thinking it's a program or a setting but I've disabled all my security programs and that doesn't help. As for settings, my router firmware is up to date and I am pretty much clueless about network/modem settings. What I haven't done is minimal start up with msconfig but frequently when I just reboot the problem is solved. The real problem is this problem is so random, it happens then suddenly all pages start loading with no problems. It's like the computer gods get bored and decide to screw with me. :cry: I know this isn't a scientific/technical explanation but it does give me a better appreciation of why more primitive people rely on mysticism and magic.
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