System lags, not good at multitasking

I recently just upgraded my pc with a new processor. I went from an AMD Athlon 64 3200 to a Athlon 64 4000. I also added a new 160gb SATA II from an 120g IDE. I have 2gig of ram installed and my system seems to lag more now then before. I also installed norton internet security 2006 when I had 2005 in the old system. Any suggestions as to what may be wrong or what I could do to fix this situation?
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  1. first uninstall norton to make sure it's not at fault and see how it works for a day

    second, if you have multiple hard drives, make sure each hard drive is on a seperate ide/sata channel, don't put 2 HDs on the same channel as it will slow you down

    third your page file may be fragmented, this isn't something that defrag could fix, you need to set your system not to use pagefiles and reboot
    once rebooted, go to your C drive and enable protected file system views and hidden files/folders, now delete pagefile.sys

    now go back and create a new pagefile on C, give it 4096 for the initial and maximum

  2. YOU can get a program that will defrag ur pagefile here Sysinternals Pagefile Defrag

    But to be honest I seriously doubt a fragmented pagefile is the problem. You have 2gigs of ram, your computer probably rarely ever has to use the pagefile. I would say a more likely cause is Norton Security which is a resource hog. I agree that you should try to uninstall NNorton and see if that helps. if so get rid of Norton and get a less resource hungry Security program. I prefer AVG antivirus/anti-spyware and Zonealarm firewall all very good programs that use much less resources than Norton and all three have basic versions that are free.

    The other thing that may be slowing your pc down is a spyware or virus infection? Run a few scans(adaware, AVG, spybot s&d) and see if they find anything.
    Good luck
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