strange issue that i am confounded about

Ok here is the scoop about 2 weeks ago, thanks to my little toddler my computer lost power. blah blah no big deal happens all the time around here, so it wasn't much a concern for me.

However now when I reboot my system and it loads back up, all my desktop icons, start menu and taskbar just disappear on me and will reappear in a few seconds, and it will keep doing this until I open a program. Usually just open windowblinds since it is pegged in my start menu and I can get it fast before it goes away again and it will stop doing it untill the next time I restart.

I have tried system restore from safe mode. removing my modified forceware drivers and loading the whql drivers listed on nvidia's website. Tried reinstalling windows over the top of itself and it is still doing it. Also to note it randomly closes my applications like firefox, word etc. then have to reopen them. Have gotten several random explorer.exe errors and various others as well.

On a weird not when I was installing windows over the top earlier it was flashing a black screen with the normal install screen during the installing hardware portion. not sure if this has to do with the video card since it was just using the old drivers etc. As far as my system specs --

p4 2.6 /w ht
430w enermax psu
geforce 6600gt
gigabyte 865pe motherboard
soundblaster audigy 2
1gig ddr-400 ram
windows xp pro /w sp2

any clues suggestions, recommendations on sledge hammers?
tomorrow I am gonna give it a good cleaning out for dust and what not as it has been awhile and all the snow has finally melted but that was planned well before this started happening. Like I said this has just dumbfounded me.
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  1. Dont install windows over itself, reformat first. Windows will run much more smoothly and quickly if you do. It sounds like windows could do with a reinstall anyway. When did you last reformat?

    Can I have your psu btw? :D
  2. last reformat was roughly 2 months ago. and i know you usually never reinstall over the top but I needed to get a paper done that I have due on monday and was to lazy at the time to go through everything when I know I had to get that done first. now that i got that done, I will most likely do a full reformat tomorrow but was curious if anyone else had other suggestions as well

    and no you can't have my psu :lol:
  3. darn, mine is dying... :(
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