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I have just transferred a lot of recordings from my Cable PVR Set top Box into MCE, and I also have a lot of recordings with adverts in the middle of them. I have acquired a trial copy of Adobe Premier PRO 1.5 (2 wouldn't install on my AXP rig since it requires SSE 2 support :cry: ) and this £900 value package has no bloody support for MCE Recorded TV shows. Movie Maker 2 doesnt even support Microsoft's own bloody format!!!

So what is the best video editing software for MCE Recorded TV shows - all I want to do is

-cut out the adverts in the recordings
-trim the start and finish from when it starts too early or overruns in ending credits
-perhaps wish to import two MCE shows which were recorded separately so they can be "fused" together as one video, a bit like how one would fuse together many clips from their personal home videos
-save the finished results in a format which still keeps the quality of the recorded broadcast and enables me to watch them in Media Player or MCE and at a later date burn them onto a DVD for watching on a TV

Any ideas?
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  1. I use NeroVision, for simple editing.

    If you're looking for something free, try this:

    I'm not sure if it will work without SSE2 support, but it might be worth a try, as I think every commercial editor will want SSE2 or even SSE3 support.
  2. Tried the free solution - no such luck. Had a program error the moment it launched.

    Can't I just use an Adobe or Ulead solution and add a plugin which will give it support for MCE recordings. Or better still cant I get an update to Movie Maker 2 for support for these recordings??
  3. Does your install have Sonic RecordNow software (most MCE installs do)? If so, it will convert to mpeg for editing.

    If not, then give this a try:
  4. This MCE install does not contain Sonic RecordNow software as I made the entire rig with my own two hands! :D Was a lot of effort but definately worth it in the end. The warm feeling of pride is much better than the cold feeling of an empty wallet for some prepackaged commerical crap, with the brand logo graffittied all over the desktop and programs, not forgetting the appalling ignorance of the after sales service which makes you think that you would have been better off building it yourself to start with!!

    I visited you're link, but when I had to click on the "Green Button" link to obtain the program, the link was dead. Don't suppose you can obtain another link where I can obtain this zip file?

    Otherwise I think you have found me the perfect solution!!
  5. Congrats on building your own. MCE is all I use for all my builds.

    Here's an updated link:

    I guess MS only uses the Sonic software is only for the burning engine now.

    You can also try this:
  6. Thanks for your help

    I have managed to in addition obtain a copy of Nero 7 which has an updated version of Nero Vision which supports MCE shows - I managed to edit the Manu V Liverpool Match that I recently archived to take out the breaks an unneccessary adverts and "analysis" - only problem is encoding it back to MPEG2 to maintain the quality of the file takes an age - over 2hrs for a 90min match to encode at DVD quality!!

    Usually means i have to leave it overnight to encode - otherwise I try and do it whilst doing other tasks but to no avail - at least the videos are on my old IDE 160GB Hard disk so I can get SOME access to the main 320GB SATA C: drive but its still annoying! I guess something is better than nothing right?

    Otherwise I am now solving a printer woe on my sister's XPC - it doesn't seem to want to install - pop along to the Printer forum under Software and CE section if you feel you can contribute and shed any light on my problems :cry:

    MCE is cheaper tha Professional (which is two years out of date anyway considering its based on a 2002 build) so its a no brainer. Pay less for more features!! Even local PC stores in my area raised their eyebrows when they found I used MCE to build PCs - even they hadn't the guts to use MCE on their builds!!! :lol:
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