How to make 8gigs of ram work

I have windows seven ultimate installed which I purchased with the 64 bit as well as the 34 however it would only accept the 32 and does not recognize the 8 gigs of ram i do not mind paying for the help as long as I know how much it will cost
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  1. Well I don't think that you really has a 64bit os, because 64bit windows can recognize RAM up to 196GB.Try reinstalling windows7 and make sure it is 64bit not 32bit.And remember that a 32bit operating system can use only 3.5GB os Ram.I think you should change ram sticks locations.(like put the left one to right slot and the right one to left one.)
  2. It has to be 64 bit to read more than 4gb of ram
  3. Did you buy the windows 7 "retail" pack with the box?

    This comes with 2 CDs, one says 32bit and the other says 64bit. You can only install one of them at a time and they use the same code that came with the box.

    It sounds like you have the 32bit version installed so you will have to do a wipe and re-install windows with the 64bit CD. (Remember to back up anything you want to save)
  4. Agreed, you must have installed the 32-bit version. You will have to reinstall Windows 64-bit from scratch.

    Don't forget to back everything up that you need.
  5. Hi. If you look at System (press the Control key CTRL + Pause break) It will tell you if you have 32 or 64 bit installed on the main screen
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