Hello all!
Ok,i wanna buy from a friend this card and my problem is the PSU.
It gives 550W with only 20A(peak) in the 12V rail
He willl give it to me for 1 day to test it.

1)Is there a case of working in my pc with no problems?Should i give it a try?
2)If yes,what should i do except playing for many hours games?Any other test programs?Maybe some specific modern game titles?I have already installed C&C and Test Drive Unlimited
3)If the card is underpowered,is there a chance of getting burnt?brake down and get in trouble??

Here are my specs:
2500+ Barton
on board sound

Thank you very much for your time :)
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  1. Wouldn't it be more effective to save a bit and get a brand new pc built from scratch? I'm doing that simply for the DX10 in crysis
  2. You need a much better power supply; one with 30 amps on the 12v rail. besides that your XP2500+ will be a big bottleneck. There are still games/settings that the X1950 pro will offer alot more than say a 7600GT, but no doubt the XP2500+ is getting weak for running a X1950 pro. Most will run 2.2GHz just fine if your care to OC it.

    I would OC the XP2500+ and look toward a card like the 7600GT that uses less power. Either that or stay put and save for a new PCI-e rig. I wouldn't suggest even trying the X1950 pro with that PSU.

    Look at these two reviews:
  3. Thanks for the replies guys.
    The point is that this vga is a bargain.Very good price.
    Thats why i dont care about the bottlenecking thing :)
    So,you think i shouldnt even bother to try it??
    Im telling that because ive read that it can be done.
  4. If it's a real bargain, then go fo it. You can then use the money you saved to buy a better power supply. But no, I wouldn't try pushing a X1950 pro with only 20amps on the 12v rail. If you decide to do it for a test, unplug any extra drives you can as Hard drives and opticals share that 12v rail.

    Personally, I'd buy this one if I had a $100 limit. But I value silence.

    Something like this should also work for less money:

    Even this one for less money should work if you want to gamble. Just 29 amp on the 12v though.
  5. Quote:
    2500+ Barton

    Does your mobo have the 4-pin ATX +12v connector?

    If not then your CPU is drawing power from the +5v and the +12v@20A may be good enough - I calc'd +12@~11A for 2xide-hdd's, a dvdrw, a couple of fans and the x1950pro so it's plenty.
  6. No,my PSU has it but the M/B doesnt use it
    I think ill give it a try.What do you think?

    Any suggestions for what i should do to test it??
    And,any chance of getting the vga burnt in the test if it is underpowered??

  7. You should be fine, what I would do to test it is keeping an eye on the voltage (using a multimeter connected to one of the HDD molex) and running it through the "scan for artifacts" function in atitool. Well maybe the voltage monitor for your mobo or speedfan is good enough...

    If the psu blows up then it may cause some damage but I don't think that is an issue. A buddy of mine has a similiar situation, an XP2600 (also on the +5v) & 1xhdd / 1xdvdrw / 1xcdrom / 3xfan / 7800GS agp all on an older TT420-AD W0009R (420w) unit with +12v@18A max/peak and calc'd at ~11A, no issues at all.
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