Does video memory matter? 512meg vs 768 meg?

I use Apple Cinema display. 2580x1600.

Have been waiting for the ATI R600, since it supports HDCP over dual link DVI. The Nvidia 8800 GTX, does only support HDCP over single link DVI, limiting that card to 1240x800 when you watch anyting with HDCP.

One thing that worry me about the ATI card. It only hav 512 meg vs 768 meg on the Nvida card.

Will this impact games at native resolution 2580x1600?
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  1. there will be an effect but it shouldn't be that HUGE unless you play stuff with lots of AA and lots of AF and max view distance. Umm, there will be a 1GB version coming out soon after and also a dual card solution (similar to the 7950 GX2) coming too, so might pay to wait till release and check ot what else is in the pipeline.
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