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Currently I am trying to install windows vista beta 2 on a new system. When entering the mobo screen from a cold start and a clear cmos, I either get the error CMOS Checksum Bad or CPU fan error. After resuming from these errors, I try to install Vista so I can update and/or flash the bios. I cant seem to get to install the OS because it freezes and a Windows Boot manager shows up saying to get the installation disk and restart the computer.
I've tried to download the bios from asus and burn it onto a cd as I do not have a floppy drive for this machine. Not really sure what I can do from here, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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  1. i'd check into that cpu fan error man...if ur fan has given out and the hardware monitor is warning u about it, u definately gotta check it out

    obviously it's getting 2 hot during the installation and it just hangs, u can check ur fan's temprature and status in the bios as well, if it's at 0 rpm, u have a problem (assuming u're using the stock cooling which came with the cpu), some fans don't have an rpm sensor wire on them, but the stock fans do
  2. Hehe, I forgot to include my signature. I am using water cooling so its showing an error for that reason. Im mainly concerned with this CMOS thing, as I am unsure how to do it properly, or I need to flash bios, but I am unable to right now.
    For some reason I was unable to write the new bios driver onto a cd when I downloaded from the manufacturer website. I also do not have a floppydrive. So, I guess im looking for how to clear the cmos so that I dont get that error message anymore. I think that would solve this problem, and at least lead me to the next one. I havent had much luck with my setup so far.
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