boot sector virus

i was not on any weird websites, just the ones i draw for, gemail, youtube, and my photobucket, m alwasy very careful running adware scanners and the sort ona regular basis, and it was wroking fine untill this morning when it wouldnt start.

i dont know how i could have gotten infected, and i cant find any way to fix it;

more specifically, a blue screan comes up after the windows loadng screan, saying restart i safe mode and remove the most recent hardware or software ive installed becuase it wasnt done properly,
i assumed i had made a mistake installing my tablet untill my dad said my brothers computer recentlygot the exact same problem and hes Always on sites that give him lots of spyare and viruses..
it also gives me a number: 0x000000ED (0x82B7E900, 0xC0000032, 0x0000000, 0x0000000)

could anyone give me any input on this, please?
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  1. do u have symantec installed?

    does safe mode work, i havent had an infected boot sector before, i dont know how it can be cleaned out unfortunately
  2. hi.
    if not all of antivirus (then most) of them have the option to scan yoor boot sector.
    if your safe mode works u log in and run a antivirus software.
    if not use a second pc to get same rescou disks and use them on infectet to start up the system.
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