USB 3.0, PCI Express 3.0, and other foolishness

Case and motherboard manufacturers should take note, none of us are really happy about USB 3.0 integration. There's a whole debacle going on with NZXT Phantom owners. Newer buyers (lets say last four weeks) have received USB 3.0 front (top) panel connectors. So those of us that were "early" adopters are S.O.L. Add to this the fact that there is no option for a 3 1/2 inch bay addition for adding front panel 3.0 on the Phantom, and your customers are royally screwed. Not a nice way to treat people that spent $140 on your flashy case.
Now we have to rely on 3rd party manufacturers to provide a solution (such as a 3 1/2 inch bay insert) that most certainly will not match the quality or paint of the original case. "Sorry Phantom owners, USB 3.0 is not for you..Unless you're a new buyer of course." :D

:pfff: GRRrrr!!

At least these new ports have the proper USB 3.0 motherboard header. (sigh) Most companies are forcing people to route cables to the back panel I/O. This is particularly annoying for bay device internal card readers that don't utilize the USB 3.0 header included on most new motherboards. I can think of two bay devices that do this properly, (one by BitFenix and one from Biostar) all other card readers/bay devices I have looked at are the "let's put the cable out the back of the computer" variety. Yes, we should have this option available for folks that have no new mobo with a header but when 95% of the products available use this clunky solution there's a problem with USB 3.0 integration.

Attention, Case makers: We want two USB 3.0 front panel ports (we insist that these include USB 3.0 motherboard headers), and at least two USB 2.0. We also require that these ports be far enough apart to accommodate two card readers or thumb drives. We want an e-SATA III connection and a firewire port up front. Typically a headphone and mic port is sufficient, we probably would be willing to give up any other audio connectors for more peripheral connectivity. As in plug and play stuff such as thumb drives, that NOBODY wants to fumble around in the back for.

Attention, Motherboard makers: We want at least two USB 3.0 headers on the motherboard. We want native USB 3.0 and SATA III support, and while we're at it, we also want PCI-e 3.0. Anyone unwilling to supply this connectivity should be required to post in large font on their product "BUDGET." AMD, stop dragging your feet on this if you want to remain relevant in the discrete graphics department. Say it with me, P-C-I Express three-point-oh.

I knew you could do it.

BTW, AMD you really have your heads up your collective bums if you think people will stop comparing you to Intel just because that comparison is less than ideal. So you are giving up on the desktop high end, so what? You do realize your success with Brazos and LLano just inspires Intel to be more competitive in those markets, don't you? Please stop being so naive, if you want to remain relevant in the desktop arena (or mobile come to think of it)--high end or no--you WILL need to be competitive with Intel or you will disappear. Enough silliness, get your asses back to work and continue to innovate as you always have. Yes, Intel will still follow your lead and copy your innovation and improve on your processes such that they will remain a market leader. Stop being such a pansy and hire the patent troll goons from Apple's legal department and start suing the piss outta EVERYONE that tries to use your ideas. Your new CEO said he wanted to be more aggressive, now is not the time to turn the other cheek. BTW, aggressive does not mean overhype your products and under-deliver on performance. It means kick ass and take names, please look it up if you are still unsure. And please stop whining about this. Don't say anything to anyone and just put your head down and work as hard as you possibly can for 6 months and bring out something that will blow people away. And if you didn't catch it the first time, don't say anything!!

This has been a public service announcement from your local hardware nut.
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  1. In the interest of accuracy, I did just find a card reader from rosewill that has a 3.0 mobo header:

    Maybe things are beginning to improve, slowly.
  2. venting i assume?

    its not uncommon for early adopters of anything to get royally screwed when updated versions come rolling around. this is the price you pay for getting it first. not fair or fun but its just how things seem to roll.

    as far as plug-in-the-back instead of header style connectors go: i can see why there is a deficit in models available. when usb 3.0 first came out some boards only featured 3.0 speeds out the back ports. take my asus rampageIII for instance. over time i'm sure this will get worked out as 3.0 becomes standard.

    why do you need 2.0 and 3.0 ports? 3.0 ports should default back to 2.0 just as 2.0 defaulted back to 1.0. more front ports would be nice not really required unless you're plugging in such things as game controllers, usb headsets, etc. keep in mind some boards have limited usb spots so you might end up disabling a few rear ports to use the front ones.

    i agree with the need for motherboard manufacturers to continually update but placing a big budget in front of a product name is taking things too far. you should be reading the specifications to make an informed decision and not just reading a product's title. as i said earlier i'm sure we will start to see such products in time to come.

    you cannot fault amd for being wary of the high-end desktop scene as intel has the market virtually cornered right now with the i7. if their design team cannot come up with a product to tear down the i7 then they need to change strategies. as far as legal battles go: its a good thing they arent acting like apple. apple is childish. i disagree, amd can definitely still remain competitive even outside of the high end arena. its all about bang for the buck and what products they offer.

    personally wish as you do that amd would step up to the plate again to give intel some competitiion and to push future development but i'm sure amd isnt on its best leg right now (unlike 6 or so years ago when they had the better processors)


    just some opinions from someone not not venting or ranting.
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